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About Lewa patils (Source: Wikipedia):
While travelling along the banks of the Tapi river, the community settled in the region of east Khandesh somewhere in 1300 - 1400. It is believed that the first settlements were in the villages named Salva and Nanded, and then predominantly in Raver and Yawal & Bhusawal talukas. The region appears to have fertile soil.

Leva Patils surnames:Amodekar ,Asodekar, Attarde, Badhe, Bauskar, Bonde, Bharambe, Bhangale, Bhole, Bhoge, Borole, Barhate, Bhirud ,Bhadlikar, Chopde, Chaudhari, Chirmade,Dahake,Deshmukh,Dhake, Dhande, Keyur Dudhat, Firke, Fegade, Gajare, Gulve, Hole, Ingale, Jangle, Jawale, Kolte,Kale, Karande, Khachane, Khadke, Khadse, Kharche, Kinge, Kirange, Kolambe, Kolhe, Kurkure, Ladhe, Lokhande, Mahajan, Naphade, Narkhede, Nehate, Nehete, Nemade, Pachpande, Phalak, Phirke, Patil, Pimparkar, Pimpale, Phegade, Rade, Rane, Rote, Supe, Sarode, Savatkar,shinde, Toke, Thombre, Talele, Varade, Waghulde,Waghode,Waghmare, Wani, Warke, Waykole, Yeole, Zope, Zambare, Zhambre, Varade and Sawadekar.

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